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understanding your personal injury and damages can help prove your claim

Often, a personal injury attorney with a more detailed understanding of Idaho insurance law can make the difference in obtaining full compensation for your injuries and caring for you and your family's future.

There's the case of the 25-year-old day laborer who was seriously injured while riding as a passenger in a car pulling a trailer on his way to the lake with a few of his friends. His injuries were severe and permanent, rendering him unable to work anymore.


The other driver was clearly at fault. He had plowed into the rear-end of the trailer of the vehicle the young man was riding in causing the crash. The "bad guy" driver only had of $30,000 in insurance coverage on his policy. He had no other assets.


The young man consulted several lawyers who declined his case, saying there was limited money (the $30,000) and the medical bills were almost $140,000.

Then the young man spoke to a friend who referred him to an experienced Idaho personal injury attorney.

That personal injury attorney determined that the trailer was covered by a small business insurance policy. That policy had Underinsured Motorists coverage.


The trailer insurance company did not initially agree that coverage extended to the young man. His lawyers went to work, teaching the adjuster, working up the facts and negotiating with the insurer for over a year.

Eventually, the insurance carrier paid $1 million in additional insurance coverage.

The lawyer was able to get this additional recovery into a special needs trust, which allowed the young man to keep receiving Medicaid and still buy a specially equipped house and car he needed.


By fully investigating the case and understanding insurance law, the personal injury lawyer was able to far more fully compensate the young man and provide for his future medical and financial needs.