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understanding your personal injury and damages can help prove your claim

Choosing Your Idaho Personal Injury Attorney The attorney you choose is one of the most important factors in the success or failure of your case. It is a decision you should make with care.

Unfortunately, choosing a attorney can be intimidating for people who have never been through the process before. You may be concerned about ending up with a lawyer with bad ethics or poor skills. We hope to ease those fears and provide a basic guide to finding a personal injury lawyer.

Legal Practice Areas Why you need an attorney who focuses exclusively on personal injury.

The first thing to consider is that attorneys, much like doctors, often concentrate their practices in specific areas of the law. If you need hip replacement surgery, you would see an orthopedic surgeon, not a cardiologist.


Similarly, if you are in an accident, you will not want to hire a lawyer who focuses on divorce. Another type of attorney may be able to help you, but he or she will not have the same experience and skills that a personal injury lawyer brings to a personal injury case. Personal injury lawyers understand the legal, procedural and evidentiary strategies that can maximize the value of your personal injury claim, because they work with these issues every day.

Referrals We recommend that you begin your attorney search by talking to your family and friends.

At our law firm, we find that most of our clients come to us after a recommendation from other lawyers or someone they know who has used us in the past. For that reason, we recommend that you begin the search by talking to your family and friends. Ask if anyone can refer you to a personal injury attorney who helped them get good results, or who they have heard good things about.

Ads You have probably seen lawyer ads on television, in newspapers or in the Yellow Pages.

If nobody you know can recommend an attorney, you can also start by considering attorney advertisements. You have probably seen lawyer ads on television, in newspapers or in the Yellow Pages. Evaluate the message of the ad and do some research about the lawyer by asking around. Insurance companies sometimes decide whether or not they will settle a case before a trial based on the reputation and experience of your lawyer. The loudest lawyer or the one who advertises the most is usually not the best lawyer.


If you are comfortable with computers and the Internet, you can try an internet search. Using a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing, you can easily search by both your location and the legal specialty you need. There are many ways to search for this information.



Here are a few tips that may be helpful:

  1. Search for a phrase instead of a single word. "Idaho personal injury attorney" or "Idaho auto crash attorney" will turn up more useful results than just "lawyer."
  2. As shown, put the phrase you search for in quotes. This will tell the search engine to look for the entire phrase as you searched for it, not the individual words in the phrase. Without quotes, your results will be greater in number but not nearly as relevant to your search. Just make sure to spell everything correctly.
  3. Narrow your search by including some geographical information. If you are looking in Idaho you can also narrow by City such as "Boise injury lawyer."

Wondering Why Hire An Idaho Personal Injury Attorney?

The question may enter your mind: Should I even hire a lawyer, as opposed to just dealing directly with the insurance company and its adjuster?

You should know that although the insurance adjuster may seem friendly and cooperative, he or she works for the insurance company that will pay to settle your claim. If the insurance adjuster can persuade you to settle your claim for less than it is worth, that is good for the insurance company but bad for you. Unlike a lawyer you hire, the insurance company that represents the bad guy has no legal duty or financial incentive to treat you fairly.



Case In Point

A working-class mother had a serious collision with a commercial tractor-trailer rig. She was injured and her car was so badly damaged that it was useless, both of which posted challenges for this mother of three young children. The very next day, she was visited at home by a representative from the truck driver's insurance company. (A trick being used more and more often to pretend to be helpful.) The insurance adjuster was very skilled at creating a sense that he was there to help her deal with the problems that the accident had caused. After learning that she had no medical insurance, he told her that he believed she would make a good recovery, based on his experience and the way she was able to get around in her home and carry one of her children. Based on this evaluation, he offered her cash to repair her damaged vehicle, and $1,000 to compensate her for the trouble and pain she may have experienced. All she needed to do was accept the cash that day and sign the release, barring her from making any further financial claim.


Although temtped, she called her husband at work. He told her not to accept or sign anything and to call a lawyer immediately. She eventually found that she had severe injuries to her shoulder and would need a period of treatment and testing to see if she could recover without surgery. Fortunately, she recovered without surgery after receiving the necessary treatment, and was fairly and fully compensated for her months of suffering and damags. As you can imagine, this client and her family were immensely pleased with their decision to retain a lawyer rather than deal directly with the insurance company.